Operatik's Soundtrack Project

Hi. I’m working on a soundtrack, with many planned names and themes. All of them are influenced by breakbeat, synthwave, trance, techno and somewhat ambient music. Intended soundtrack genre is sci-fi… ish, maybe futuristic.

First soundtrack set consists of mainly introduction-like themes.

Tell me about your first impression on listening the tracks that I will add up every now and then! Suggestions are acceptable!


Fifth Column



Just Business


Menaces - premix

Foreign Outsider - premix

Double Dealer - premix

The Underground Partners - premix


12 - premix

The Brotherhood - unfinished

Update Log

  • The Brotherhood added

Additional details:
The soundtrack is thoroughly planned with the following motives:

Alphabetically sorted motives
  • Allies
  • Assassination
  • Betrayal
  • Brotherhood
  • Cold war
  • Collective
  • Conflict
  • Conspiracy
  • Controversy
  • Corporate dystopia
  • Exile
  • Futuristic
  • Hivemind
  • Incursion
  • Insider
  • Introversion
  • Mastermind
  • Mystery
  • Opponent
  • Psychological
  • Regret / Remorse
  • Shadow war
  • Stealth
  • Syndicate
  • System
  • Technology
  • Treason
  • Uniform

Sounds like something I’d use in a superhero type game, great work!

Although it would sound like that to you, the entire thematic does not include absolute sides but moral ambiguity. I might be going to crust up the leads to emphasize it.

Oops, might have spoiled what the project is a little.

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Heyo Operatik, fellow musician here. Absolutely love the music btw. I wanted to suggest that the bass you have a sense you seem to be going for a trance / synth-wave vibe. I recommend adding a heavy sidechain to the bass. dun DUNDUNDUN dun DUNDUNDUN. :smile: Like so lmao

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Some vitality is required for soundtrack. In fact, there’s already a subtle sidechain on the bass. Also the track lacks any consistent kick beat, thus causing the sidechain to cause the dynamic to go even slower. The kick seems very grainy as well. Hahaha.

However, I might experiment that suggestion after I’ve completed the other mixing(including instrumental sidechain, ambience and reverb, automation).

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Oh yea! I noticed the slight sidechain immediately but I think it would be really cool to have a nice heavy sidechain driving the track further. Really great track, love the dynamics and ambience of it all. Keep it up! Sounding Great!

image hi operatik

After listening to it, it’s actually pretty good! I honestly haven’t seen a lot of composers on ROBLOX community and that would be great if you make like cool packs of OSTs like Synthwave Pack #1 and Rock Pack #1. You should keep continuing to make more soundtracks because I like to hear them when I’m scripting or animating. : D

Maybe someday, people will start hiring you for making soundtracks for their games. o_o


@panzerv1’s suggestion applied to the track. This time it features ambience and reverb.

@scribblestack Also awesome suggestion, might be making soundtrack packs sometime later and selling licenses to others.


Fantastic!!! Oh man that sounds good. Perfect transitions and ties into different melodies. A full round trip. Great Work mate!

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Welcoming the pre-mix Mutiny!


I’m going to survey briefly on this project first, voting ends after this month:

Which track was your favorite?
  • Fifth Column
  • Mutiny
  • Conglomerate
  • Just Business
  • Menaces
  • Foreign Outsider
  • Double Dealer
  • The Underground Partners
  • 12

0 voters

Which track of intensity should I continue on?
  • Medium intensity
  • High intensity

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We’re planning an overhaul of this project. A lot of new things to plan, but I am uncertain of how decisive this decision is. The planning is the first priority to be considered. Expect heavy changes and tracks shuffled around with newer instruments and mix changes.

Looking to check within a month, if nothing is heard of, it is either delayed or more or less likely cancelled. I expect the former than the latter.