[CLOSED] Looking for a team of Developers to help get our main map Helsinki out!

About Us
Hi there! We’re a group in the Ro-Nation business, and we’re having some trouble getting our main map Helsinki out,

The Team
@jamieiow123456 - Head Developer
@freakinlostmyacount - Scripter
@freakinlostmyacount and @jamieiow123456 - UI

About The Job
We’re looking for some builders to get the game out, the game is around about 50-60% done, meaning we’re looking for some short term and long term developers.

Heres an example of our main game.

We pay in either paypal or Robux, however we will pay once the game is completed, that ensure’s that the game is out.

You can either contact me on the Dev Forums here, our you can contact our team over at discord!
THRILL3RZ#9497 or James Halvorsen#7219

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Hello! I’d love to apply for builder here, I’ll add your discord. If interested, feel free to add me back!

My Discord: imava#3686

My Portfolio: My Portfolio Link

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