[Closed] Looking for Advanced Long term builders! [50k robux budget + %]

Hey there! I am Awesome Dev and I am currently looking for one or two advanced builders who specialize in mid-poly builds. They should have a cartoonish aspect all while being semi-realistic. These builds are going to be for a horror / adventure game. The style should be similar to the camping games or Field trip Z. If you have not heard or played these games before please check them out before contacting me.


You must have at least 2 years of experience

You must have a portfolio with your past work

You must be quick to reply and active on the project

Around 2 hours a day on the project

How to apply:

Join this discord server: It’s new and I made it for development purposes.

Please dm me and message your portfolio and time zone.

I have been receiving many applications over the past few days, so please do not be disappointed if you are not chosen as the competition is very high. I will create a short-list out of all the applicants and if shortlisted, you will be required to, through screen share on a voice call, show how you work and how quickly and efficiently you can work.

Please do not apply if you cannot do this. You do not need a microphone or a camera, just the ability to screenshare.


I have a budget of 50k robux to work with. Hopefully we can settle something at the beginning then work for a percentage of the game afterwards. Prices can be discussed.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to working with you :slight_smile:

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