[CLOSED] Looking for an animator

I found someone already so it is closed now


Who are we?

Hey, I’m the owner of Turp’s Studios where we make games for everyone to enjoy. We’ve made multiple games such as Elemental Royale; a game with over 6 million visits, Eating Simulator; a game with over 1 million visits and Sword FFA! We hope to make even more games where you possibly can be helping us to develop them as well!

What will you be working on?

You will be working on a new upcoming game for Turp’s Studio. I can’t give out too much information about the game however, it is a game where you will be able to roleplay with others, look after your own virtual pet and play minigames to buy furniture for your house. You will get more specific information about the game if needed depending on your job.

The Job

I’m the solo developer as of right now for Turp’s Studio and I’m hoping to hire more people for an upcoming new project that I’ll be working on.

Animator (FOUND ONE)
We need an animator to make animations for the custom pets that we have in game (so idle, walking, pet trick animations etc. They will also have to rig it as well.
The pet is shown above which you will have to animate. The pet also hasn’t been rigged so you will have to rig it as well.

More information will be available to you once we confirm who is doing the job.

Deadline for the job of the Animator is: 4 days once selected as it is simple animations and just rigging.


Once the job of the Animator is done, they will be paid 6000 Robux through group funds.

Contacting us

If you think you are the right person for the job, just contact me through the Roblox DevForums or contact me on Discord @Turpichu4321#3396.

You must be 13 or older to apply.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and the best of luck if you’re applying! :smile:


I can help you Wizzardofazz#8707

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My user is DeRobloxMeneer, I’m advanced in animating pets and rigging them too. I’ll send you my discord trough dms when I have my time. I don’t have any thing to show it, I’ve cleared my PC recently.

Ideas I have for the idle:
Ears going down and a little sad jumping around motion.

You can dm me here on the devforum for further information, you can choose the style of the animations like: Linear - Bounce - Cubic etc etc.


Added you on Discord, would like to know a bit more before signing on but with how it looks so far. I’d be more then happy to do these for you.


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