[Closed] Looking For An Experienced Builder

About The Job

Hi there! I’m looking for an experienced builder that can work with a low poly cartoon styled game to create 3 to 4 buildings in total and some other assets. There is no deadline and I’m looking to work with the builder closely to get the perfect final product. With that being said I’d prefer if you’d be open to revisions and critiques of the buildings!

Job Details

I’ve got mock builds of the assets needed and they will be shown in DMs upon request. In total I would need two connected buildings forming a market a vertically large mage spire and other another mage building that will be used for background purposes. One of the four buildings will need an interior that does not need to be within the building itself. In addition to the buildings crates, barrels, awnings and low poly grass are wanted as well!

Extras [Not Required]

If you have any animation, camera manipulation and/or scripting skills or know someone who does.

Contact and Payment

I’ll be paying through USD on Paypal

Add me on Discord: nippletitty#1234
or follow me on twitter @nippletittyy

How much USD will you be paying, you should include that. :smiley:

Sent a fr on discord – baitem #0001 Baitem-Building portfolio

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