[CLOSED] Looking for an (in)experienced 3d-modeller

Hey there! Im Tjieko, a 14-yr old inexperienced builder and 3d-modeller. I recently started a developer team with other inexperienced people and some experienced people. We have a fun game idea, but to really add our own touch to the game we need 3d-modellers. Our team has around 15 developers now.

We are going to be creating a zombie type game, but TOTALLY different from other zombie games like zombie rush etc. It will be a story-type game. (More info about the game via discord). You will be modelling the zombies themself.


Zombieees Zombiees
Credits for zombie references:

I would like to hear from you guys!
-Tjieko (Tjieko#1543) :slight_smile:


how are you expecting this kind of work from a inexperienced person?


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Why do you need another 16th developer for this game? I think it will be impossible to manage a team with 15 developers, not to mention probably trust issues. I don’t recommend it.
I advise you to start with an easier idea to gain experience. You won’t learn very much from this I’m afraid.
But if you are still wanting it, good luck on your project! I’m a scripter, so I can’t help you.


well its not like we all started yesterday, most of our team have some experience but they are looking for more stuff for portfolio’s etc.

we’ve got 5 builders/modellers (decently sized map), 3 scripters, 3 gfx artists, 2 ui people. Doesnt really look like alot to me…

If you have 5 builders/modelers, why do you need anymore? That seems like plenty.
Experienced developers would be looking for payment.

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Because theres plenty of other stuff to do and 2 of them are inexperienced, and 1 other is not even a modeller

It is a really big team for an upcoming game without a before-proven studio behind it. Why do you even need 2 ui people; that way your ui will probably be messy (consist out of 2 styles). No to mention that with 3 scripters you need to divide the tasks well, and even then you will get problems with dependencies

How are you planning on making your game run smoothly ? The average roblox player’s computer is a potato and zombies come in hordes. How are you planning on rendering 20 of these at the same time ?

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Mate it really is a a lot. Plus think about it lets say the game does become big how can u split the income of the game with 15 players meaning you would have to pay the devs equally or per amount of work they have done, with that in mind you would not even have any Robux for advertising or Robux to yourself and the devs will be getting around like 5 percent which is nothing really, there is no definite chances that the game will blow up and in my point of view you are just wasting their time.
Thank you!

As i said, this wont be a standard zombie game like zombie rush etc. Zombies wont come in hordes and killing zombies isnt the point of the game. Completing it by doing quests is

Well not all games get popular you know, i cant say if it will get big or not. If it doesnt, we have more experience and knowledge. Perhaps 15 is alot, but keep in mind we have 4 builders for a decently sized map, 3 modellers for weapons and tools, 3 scripters and 2 ui designers and 3 graphic artists(which is actually a lot of artists now that i think of it…)

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I would personally advise against such a huge team when you’re starting out, they could be unorganized, cause arguments, and eventually lead to ending the project if not done properly.

My recommendation would simply just be 1 builder, 1 modeler, 1 scripter, and 1 UI designer. – If you find a builder that is also a modeler, then you hit a jackpot!

This simply keeps everything simplistic and puts some weight on each person to do their share for the project instead of just doing a tad bit and waiting on others to catch up. The potential revenue in the future would then be split among those developers cleanly representing their role.

As for an experienced modeler, the chances of this post receiving one with such a large team and with no payment would be extremely unlikely. – Experienced developers tend to look for teams that have some sort of backing, and a large team may seem very messy for them to get their boots into.

Overall, my point would be to start of small with a bright idea that the smaller team could keep focused on for a long time! – This way, you will gain hands on experience and run less of a risk with any developer fallouts!

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