[CLOSED] Looking for Builder and Modeler for upcoming game concept

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About Us

Hi! My name is SamWooVVQ and I am looking for a builder and modeler comfortable working in cartoonish style (see attachment below) to help me with my upcoming game concept.

The Team
@bob_factory - Builder
@bob_factory - Modeler
@SamWooVVQ - Scripter
@SamWooVVQ - UI

About The Job

I am looking for a builder and modeler to help me with my new game concept, Hunting Simulator. I have a concept planned out with progressing tiers of weapons and animals to hunt as you go through different civilizations and learn their skills/weapons. I have started a very small amount of the building, however, scripting is more my domain so I would prefer if someone else would be willing to take over the building for a percentage of the game’s income since I don’t have too much to offer at the moment.

Example of our game's build style

Screenshot by Lightshot


I will be paying a percentage of the income to developers depending on the work they’re completing, as well as small payments as tasks are complete [50-250 depending on the task].

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at samwoobbq#7292
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

I am very interested in building for your game! Here is my portfolio: Bob_factory || Builder (Closed). My discord is bobby#6769. I’ve sent a friend request.

Hello! I can make assets with your building style! I’ve sent a request via discord. Hope to talk with you soon!


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