[CLOSED] Looking for builder for environmental assets (i.e war bunkers, base defences etc)

Hey, I’m hiring again for my accelerator project. This time I’m looking for two new people to join me work on my open-world-wave-defense-zombie-game, Horde.
You can play a version with minimal building here:

About The Game

The game itself is a base defence game set in a open world where each player will defend a base from waves of zombie attacks whilst helping out other people when they come under attack.

Job 1: Building/Props Modeler [CLOSED]

I’m looking to hire a builder who can create good looking buildings that fit with the setting of the game - i.e buildings that look damaged / badly repaired etc. I also need props that will be in players bases, such as walls, wall turrets, gates etc. Buildings required here includes a central bunker, armory and residences.

As an example of other buildings, I am looking for someone to build a small town at the centre of the map which will feature low-storey buildings surrounding a crossroads. There may be tents erected outside the buildings to give a ‘damaged’ vibe to the town community.

The game has a softer colour palette than other survival games and is intended to appeal to a wider audience - the theme is basically ‘many years after the apocalypse’ and therefore the map is quite vibrant and alive with foliage etc. Buildings should fit well with this theme (they can be fairly low detail, as long as they fit the overall look of the game)

Payment: 250$

Job 2: Gun Modeler/Scripter [CLOSED]

The game will also contain several guns in addition to the pistol that is already in the game. Someone applying in this position should ideally like creating gun models (preferably simple models for this game) and can animate them correctly when the player equips them and runs with them etc. Several arcade style guns are intended, including laser blaster guns etc

You will not need to script the firing mechanic as this has already been completed and will work the same for all guns, as the game has a simple arcade feel.

Payment: 150$


You should…

  • Be able to work several hours a day, whenever work is required.
  • Be able to complete the job quickly - most of the work should be done in the next 2/3 weeks.
  • Be quick in replying to discord messages
  • Be 18+
  • Have the imagination and creativity to create buildings given a small sample of mood board images.

The project may require several hours of work a week until the end of August, when my accelerator project ends.


Payment for each job will be in $ or an equivalent Robux amount, whichever is preferred.

How to apply

Applicants should message me here or on Discord @MasterDaniel#0034.
Please send a portfolio of your previous builds so that I can see your ability. For the building modeler I may also ask for a small piece of work to check out how well you can build in the required style.

Good luck to all who apply!


Just to clarify is that 120 USD for ‘several’ simple guns?

And can you say how many guns you want specifically too

Yeah so I need 5-10 simple gun models, not much detail and they can even be meshes. I mainly need someone to help rig them to the character etc. Doing a pistol myself was easy because it’s not a two handed weapon.
That said, the price is negotiable. I’ve not contracted for weapon modelling before so I’m unsure about pricing but I think this is probably a fair price for the amount of work (maybe 10 hours total for the gun modelling job)

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Does the weapon modeler have code / animate the weapons?

The weapon modeler would not need to code anything for the guns, but may need to work with animations to rig/attach the weapons to the character correctly.

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From my experience, many weapon modelers don’t have skills in animation and visa versa. You might be better off looking for an animator separately.


Yeah I realise that, it is something I’d ideally like the modeler be able to do but I will also consider people who solely model.

I’m still looking for a builder who can build some cool environmental buildings!

Hey, I’ve added you on Discord (who though#8308) if you want to discuss the building job.

I’m still looking for someone to take on this job. I’ll be deciding over the weekend on who to hire so if you haven’t messaged me with a portfolio yet and are interested, message me here on the dev forum or on Discord at MasterDaniel#0034. :grinning:


I added you on discord. I am definitely interested in building for you. My Discord is Ted#3573

Thanks for reading.

I’ll tidy my schedule a bit and see if I can apply. Most likely I will direct message you on discord!

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