[CLOSED] Looking for builder to create 3 low poly arena shooter maps

About Us

Hi! We’re a team working on an arena shooter called HYPERVOLT and we’re currently in search of a builder who could make maps for us!

The Team

IDontHaveAUse - Project lead, lead artist
The_Frame, Younite - UI
XeniusPrime, ShapeDemBricks - Modelers

About The Job

We’re looking for 3 small maps with the focus being on verticality and speed, each map should have specific powerup and weapon locations, you will be told what they are and how hard they should be to get when you start working.
Maps should follow a low poly/low part style with muted colors so the game characters and pickups can be easily visible, you are free to pick the maps theme i.e a medieval castle or a sci-fi city. All maps should have a similar art style and not look completely different.
You are allowed to take inspiration from already existing game maps but completely remaking them is not allowed.
Check out games like Reflex Arena or Quake 3 Arena for an idea for how maps can look.
Heres an example of how some of our current game assets look:


We are looking for a map to be completed every 2-3 weeks.


We are paying 65K robux through group funds per map, you will be paid after the map is complete.


Feel free to DM me here with your portfolio, would be best if the work sent followed the description of what we’re looking for but that’s optional.


Direct Messaged you for this possible position!

Goodluck to everyone who applies.
This is a really huge opportunity for people to get known as this set of developers have lot of experience and achievements under their belts.

How small is small? and how detailed?

Around 200x200 to 150x150 studs at max with plenty of vertical space and the map shouldnt be littered with props, just a small amount to get the maps theme across,

I could be able to help you, but i’m not sure if my building style is good enough…
Check my portfolio here: itzLegha's | Builder portfolio // UPDATED

I don’t think I’m good enough, but here goes nothing!

It’s mostly modern stuff but cartoony low poly stuff isn’t out of the question.

Am I able to just do 1 map and not all 3? if so, I am interested. I don’t have time to do all 3 sadly

I really want to try my luck by helping you. But I don’t really think that I have the skills to work with you. And I have other projects that I am working and one of them is a low poly themed game I could send you an image of the current map. If you want to have a look at this map let me know.


I’m not sure about my interest in this, since I’ve never worked on something sci-fi, but because it’s low poly is interesting and I think I’m capable of doing it. I just got some interest in it because probably @SpacerRBLX (a friend) already worked with @IDontHaveAUse and said that the working air is comfortable. I am interested, if you are interested too, send me a DM in the discord, or answer me here.

Thank you,

Sorry, but were looking for someone who could do all 3


Sent you a message, would love to talk details if you’re interested in some of the work I sent you.

I can do 3 maps but I don’t know if you will like them

Howdy! After keeping tabs on this topic for a while I’ve decided although I don’t have any examples of the style you’re looking for, you’d still benefit from having the largest applicant pool you could find.

Most of my work is high detail, however if you’re looking for a more flat shaded style I’m very open to learn and communicate!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me at NoirSplash#9360
You can find my portfolio here:

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