[Closed] Looking for development partnership with programmer

Looking for partnership with programmer

About Me

I’ve been on Roblox for a while and decided I want to get into development. I’ve been building for a while and is what I’m best at. Lately, I’ve been expanding my talents into GFX, UI Design, Clothing, and Blender modeling.

The Team
@EnviedBuilding- Design, Building
@none - Scripter

Examples of my work can be found in my portfolio. [OPEN]EnviedBuilding | Building Portfolio
Any other examples you might need, just let me know.

About The Job

What I’m mainly looking for is to develop a game with one other person being a programmer while I cover the rest. I have a few ideas down that anyone is welcome to ask more about but I want this to be a project that is equally enjoyable so I’m open to any ideas.

Since there’s really only going to be one programmer (or more if needed), I recommend having a vast knowledge. Generally, I’d say DataStore, Rounds, Physics, Customization. Anything like that.


Now the unattractive part. For payment, all that I have to offer is a share of the revenue. This can be anywhere from 50/50 to higher, leaning toward the programmer.

Contact Me

For any more info or if you’re interested, contact me through discord. Kade#4617


What’s your game idea? It really interests me that you’re someone who wants someone to work with them and not for them. I’ve found myself in a situation where I’m able to cover all areas of development (with the exception of building and modelling) but I’m unable to make a game by myself and I have nothing to offer to hire someone.

Sounds interesting. I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord (IncompleteArchives#8610) so we can discuss any ideas you have for a game.

You should give a detailed outline of your game plan here.

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