(CLOSED) Looking for game thumbnail GFX artist

Hi, I have an upcoming hunger games-style game that I would love some cool thumbnails for. I have experience making GFX but what I’m trying to make just doesn’t look right and I don’t have time to work on this.

The artist will need to use models of the maps in my game as well as R15 character models I have already made.

You don’t need to do anything too fancy, but I would like an art style similar to the thumbnails for these:

In addition, I already have some thumbnails I made in the past that I’d like for you to replicate if at all possible:

I will pay 5-10K R$ (17-35 USD) for 4 thumbnails. This will be from group funds. Keep in mind I will pay as as much as I see the thumbnails are worth. Do not expect 10K R$ unless you do a really good job, you will probably be paid around 7K. I will pay after I see the pictures.

I understand the pricing might be a bit low, but I am on a budget and need as much money as possible for ads and other stuff like that. I feel that since all the assets will be already made for you and I already have 2 thumbnails you just need to copy, it shouldn’t be that hard of a job. I just need them to look better!

If interested PM me on the devforums or post here!

Thank you!

10k robux for 4 thumbnails is a seriously low budget, 10k per thumbnail is the usual price that people sell them for. Ypu don’t necessarily need 4 do you?

Thanks for the feedback. I think it might be a waste to pay 10K for one thumbnail, but I’m not experienced when it comes to paying for this stuff so I don’t know. Since this price is so low, I probably would be better off making them myself. I guess I’ll remove this thread if nobody is interested.

EDIT: I just closed it.

I know A LOT of people that charge 700-1500 per thumbnail instead of 10k, they’re usually pretty good. Render art like that is easy to make. Save your robux for ads or hiring another developer. You don’t need to waste all 10k.

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Oh okay, thanks. If you could let me know who they are that would be pretty awesome :wink:

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Sure later today I’ll message you some of their discords.

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