[CLOSED] Looking for Music for my Project

About Me

Hello! I’m a scripter and project leader working on an upcoming game that is currently in development. I’ve been playing roblox and making games for roughly 6 years. I’m working with a small team on a new project that I’m super excited about!

About The Job

I’m looking for someone that can create music to help create a soundtrack for this game. This is a very light-hearted/cute game that takes place in a magical fantasy setting. I will need you to make menu/lobby music as well as unique songs for each map in the game. This will be a continuous job, because as I add new maps/content to the game, I will need to you to create music to accompany it.


As far as payment, I can make either robux or USD work, but I prefer USD because I’m trying to save the robux I currently have for running ads. But if robux is your preference, no problem! In the past when I’ve hired musicians, their price has varied greatly, so I don’t have an estimate for what I would pay right now, I’d rather us discuss what you would charge in a private message. But don’t worry, I’m willing to spend hundreds of dollars on music.

Contact Me

If you’d be interested in applying for this position, please add me as a friend on Discord at Fresh Effect#7716

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask me! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!


Hi Fresh_Effect, maybe I can help. Sent you a friend request on discord. :slight_smile:

Hi I am a very experienced music composer! Added you on discord :slight_smile:

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