[CLOSED] Looking for programmers for a cool game concept!

About the Job

Hello! My name is 0929lego and I am a builder/modeler. I am looking for programmers to help me make a game. The game will be going under my group here or another group that you and I would make together. As the programmer, you will need to be able to make:

  • Leaderstats and leaderboard saving
  • Coin collecting system
  • UI scripting
  • Other things that invovle a mid-advanced scripting level (I can’t list everything about the game here)

The Team

Building/Modeling (and producer) - @0929lego
Map design/Building - @Celestial_Dev
Programmer - N/A

About the Game

The game is going to be similar to a simulator but it has a cool twist. The game name may or may not include “simulator” depending on the final result of the game. I will tell you the full game concept and more about it in Discord. You can find my Discord in the “Contact” section.


If you choose get the job, you will be getting a percentage of all game profits made by the game. The percentages are shown below:

Building/Modeling (and producer) - 25% - @0929lego
Map design/Building - 25% - @Celestial_Dev
Programmer - 45% - N/A

The other 5% will be going towards game funds and advertising. These percentages may change depending on if I hire anyone else. I will keep this post updated!


If you wish to apply, please send a message to @0929lego saying that you wish to apply and tell me what your Discord is.
Contact me on Discord at 0929lego#3214

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Hey! I’m interested in building for you! Sent a friend request, I’m meow?#0001

I look forward to possibly working with you!

I’m just looking for for programmers ATM, I’ll keep you updated if I need any more builders!

Oh, okay. Because it looks like you’re also looking for builders.
Maybe change that?

I’ll edit it but it is also stated in the “team” section.

I can make you a leaderboard system (I can add a datastore) with coins and such I can not really ui script though.

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