[CLOSED] Looking for Scripter/UI designer for a sword fighting game!

Hi! I’m a solo dev looking for some extra help on the scripting side!

What I’m looking for!

I’m looking for a scripter who is able to make a Kills/Deaths stats GUI for my game.

Reference to what I’m aiming for from another similar game:

I need the stats to DataSave as well as be shown on the existing in-game leaderboard (I will provide the script I’m currently using in the game).

Along with this, my game currently uses an unlock system that gives a player new swords based on how long they’ve stayed alive. I need this to work for kills as well (again, I will provide the script that makes all this work for you to edit and work with).


I can pay USD or CAD through Paypal, whichever works best for you! I pay after the asset has been made so we can test bugs beforehand. We can discuss a price based on estimated amount of labour needed to make the asset.

Contact me!

I primarily communicate through Discord. Feel free to add me! If you have previous scripting work it’d be much appreciated if you show it off!

Add me: RadVideo#8219

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