[Closed] Looking for someone to script simple scripts

Hello! We’re Oceanview Gymnastics. We are currently looking for a scripter who is able to create a simple skirt morph that works in R15, and welds to the waist. We are also looking for a simple music box script that allows all players to be able to hear the music from the box and allows for all players to play custom music using their own ids. Examples can be found in many Roblox dance studios. Prices are negotiable. We prefer for the work to be posted in a baseplate, as a preview once it is finished before we pay.

Our Offer
We are offering 500 robux through group payouts, prices are negotiable.

Contact information:
Discord: Catherine858#8796
Twitter: @Catherine858RB


Hello, I’m interested.
I sent a friend request on discord, my account is Dale#0163.

I can do all that for 400 robux. my user is TanosTheFalseGown#3933