[CLOSED] Looking for star wars assets

About Me

I’m currently the owner of a relatively new clone wars era star wars group. Looking for assets such as guns, maps, vehicles, etc.

About The Job

As mentioned above I’m looking for assets such as guns, maps, vehicles, etc. that are not free modeled, leaked, or sold to anyone else. I’m also looking for Intro GUIs as well.


My budget is currently a little over $2k robux to spend on assets. Likely won’t spend all of it on 1 asset unless it is very detailed and something essential to me.

Contact Us

Contact me on discord if you’re interested

Please format your post as seen here Template for Public Recruitment topics

You may get someone if you follow that template! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, it’s been fixed.

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Does the asset have to be specifically themed with Star Wars or could it just have a futuristic theme with it so that it could be implemented in a Star Wars game?

Sorry, no longer looking for any.

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