[CLOSED] Looking for vector artist to design custom discord emoji

About me.
Hello, my name is CreepySins, I own a somewhat large group revolving around an online writing forum. Most of the games contain “alien creatures” that have different anomalous powers. Most of them are generally hostile, some aren’t.

I’ve owned this group for coming on a year, and I think it is about time to get some custom emoji to enhance the experience of the discord users through emoji since my server lacks that kind of content.

Job Details
Upon accepting this job, it is expected of you to design 35 custom emoji for my discord server.

Unfortunately, due to lack of content, there are no “real” reference images that I can give you, however I can easily explain the ideas of each and every emoji in great detail.

Most of the emoji would be quite simple to design, only taking around 10-25 minutes per.

Payment for these drawing will be 1 thousand robux (per drawing).

Interested in accepting this job?
Feel free to reply with your discord tag on this post, message me on the developer forum, or contact me on twitter @CreepySins.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

Could you give more information.

Well, I really can’t give anymore information, they are some generally simple artworks, some of them range from some smiling little slime creatures to some statues that need to be drawn.

None of the less they aren’t extremely complex.

It’s just generally difficult to explain the emoji due to the fact of a lack of content.

If they’re quite simple to design, why can’t you make them?

Also how do you know how long they’ll take?

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