[CLOSED] Looking For Vehicle Modelers! $$

:moneybag: Payment


This contract is far from a shortage of assignments! The game will have well over 30 cars and many other vehicles!

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: About Us

Hello I am one of the owners and developers of “Crimewave 1986”, a game in which you can live out the 1980s Miami life to the fullest with a multitude of role-playing activities ranging from many illicit ones, law enforcement, and soon to come jobs and entrepreneurship.
The game is currently in the alpha stage of development and has already seen great success considering how incomplete the game is. Consider being part of something great and enjoy the ride!

Our Game: CRIMEWAVE 1986 (REVAMP COMING SOON) - Roblox 3

:business_suit_levitating:Who We Are

LorenzoMontanari - Owner
SElJLRO - Founder & Owner
b_owy - Owner & Scripter

:hammer_and_wrench: About The Job

Here are some examples of what we’re looking for detail wise!


1. Under 8500 tris/polys:Under 12K tris for planes
2. MeshParts must be painted and named before sending the model (Accordance to blueprint)
3. Headlight/Light group must be separated correctly (More details on this when accepted)
4. No cracks of any sort
5. The models should be consistent with the current models in our game
6. Appropriate textures/logos are required
7. All vehicles must have an interior, cars have a simple 1 piece interior and plane interiors are semi-detailed: Examples can be provided

Civilian automobiles: 2-5 days
Military vehicles: 3-6 days
Planes: 5-7 days

:memo: Contact Us

-You must be able to take heavy constructive criticism and be willing to revise often, these vehicles must flow with the game.
-In the event where you know you can’t continue or intend on not completing this job you must immediately notify us so we can look for someone else ASAP
-Be able to communicate with us well
-Show daily progress/send gifs - or when demanded of
-Must not be irritated easily

Discord: Enzo Montanari#7065

Upon accepting your friend request I will chat with you to make sure you are interested and then add you to a group chat with the other owner Seijiro so we can discuss the job further, looking forward to meeting those who apply!

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Your requirements fr triangle counts are waaaay too low, a basic plane can be, and usually is over 60k tris, cars are also usually over 20 or 30k tris

I have definitely made vehicles with interiors with under 2k tri’s

yeah thats just ‘plane’ false lol. If you know what youre doing, you can get vehicles for well under 10k tris. This very detailed model is only 14k.

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this is 3.5k…

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Seems like a cool game,I will post my portfolio here soon!

sir I will model for I need robux so I will do it sended you a friend request syed1235t#4365 hope to work with you!! :slight_smile:

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English please… Thank you

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