[CLOSED] Looking for volunteer QA Testers

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About Us :information_source:

Hey there! We are Awes0me Studios, a game development group on Roblox. We currently working on a few titles soon to be released. We are looking for Quality Assurance testers who would be willing to voluntarily help us by testing our games for bugs and to make sure our game is at its highest quality before releasing.

The Team :hammer_and_wrench:
@Awes0meDev - Lead Developer, Builder, Terrain, UI
@Creeperman16487 - Lead Programmer, UI
@emathii - Animator, Graphics
@JiMreX6552 - Community Manager
@CREED_3056 - 3D Modeller

About The Job :pushpin:

We are looking for quality assurance testers for our group, Awes0me Studios. We are looking for testers, who are ideally developers, to analyze scripts, look for bugs, building errors, and overall, give constructive criticism. We also want a person who is great with working together with other people (our testers and developers). We want a user who is very active, and contacting them and getting a quick reply should be easy.

Benefits :gift:

Like we said, we are looking for volunteers to become QA testers. But by being a tester, you do get some benefits in our group, games, and server. You will get the tester role, early access to games, exclusive in-game items, VIP servers, and more!

Contact Us :mailbox_with_mail:

You may contact by heading over to our Roblox group, Discord Server, or Twitter. You can also contact me by sending a message here on the DevForum.

Apply Here :clipboard:

If you think you believe you have met the requirements and are interested applying, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/oBkynDRk228Lte3G7. Please allow up to 3 days to get back to you (if you were accepted).

Thanks for reading! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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