[CLOSED] Looking for volunteer scripter for a demon slayer game

Hi, my name is Adam. Me and my friend have been working on a demon slayer game and we are hoping to find a volunteer scripter to help us. Pics of the game:

Payment: We would like to volunteer to help us make the game, if the game succeeds then you will get a % of the revenue (negotiable).
If you have any questions please ask me below or DM me at AJ-#0001 if you cant send me messages there try messaging me on roblox.
Thanks for reading!
Edit: Builds will be modified this is our first week working on the game.


Hello! The game looks great! But,I’d definetly offer some other sort of payment to keep the programmer wanting to keep working,like some robux. Have a good day!

Sorry for the inconvenience! I will try paying the scripter directly with all the funds i store! Are you intersted?

I’m interested but, I’d like to know what needs to be scripted, how much back up payment,and how much team members.

The scripter needs to know how to do anime moves with 0 tutorials and needs to know how to make a character customization GUI. I will pay all my funds to scripter depends on what i have and the scripter gets 30% of all revenue. There are 2 Team members.

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i’m going to join, how do i know i got it?
I will message you on the forum

Intrested, accepts volunteer work (basically, sure, I’ll work for free), no discord, portfolio: [OPEN] Experienced scripter

Cool! Add me on discord AJ-#0001

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