[CLOSED] Looking to buy SCPs

Hi, I am in the process of making an SCP game, and I need some good SCPs to buy. The group has a budget of 30K and is looking for some stuff like 173, 999 and 049, some classic SCPS that are relatively hard to mesh and script, other than 999.

message me, 「coke」#0001 on discord for further communication

SCP 173’s design is copyrighted, i think the creator did it sometime in 2018.

Just letting you know so you can avoid legal issues.


I have SCP-173 for sale. Though due to the copyright you’ll have to change the model.
You can find it here as well as how to contact me:

Regardless of whether 173 is copyrighted, as long as the project you are using it for is not making you money, it is not considered to be a commercial project.

Additionally, you CAN use copyrighted material up and to the point that the owner of the material requests you take it down. Roblox will not act upon any person and their content regarding DMCA until the owner of the IP files a formal complaint; which is really quite rare on Roblox.

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We are using a different design for 173, using this one

as it would be a unique point


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