[CLOSED] [Looking to get hired] Scripters Portfolio/Resume


Hello, thanks for taking a gander at my portfolio! My name is Delostroud. I started developing as a teen on a different account. What you will see is over 5+ years of experience in a multitude of skills in Roblox development. My talents include the following: BUILDING(Better at scripting), SCRIPTING, BASIC 3D MODELING, COMPOSING, AND BASIC ANIMATING.


Apart from my skills as a developer, I am also extremely creative and quick to come up with unique ideas that are fit for you. I can contribute a large amount of creativity and enrichment to your project/group. I am skilled at being a leader and an example to others, especially colleagues. Developing wise, I have been told I have a signature style that contrasts to the usual popular styles which are positive within itself.

I strive for positivity in a working environment and attempt to maintain professionalism while working on a project for a client. I think of myself as a generally nice person, somewhat funny and a bit silly sometimes, I like to have fun on a project while also getting things done and making the team/client(s) I’m working for more positive.


Scripting Images

Basic tutorial for beginers made be me:

GUI images:


DISCORD: Delostrous#4298
TWITTER: @Delostrous1


Thanks for reading through my portfolio! I know I’m not the best developer and probably will never be but I hope I can be a good addition to your group/project while having a fun time doing so! Please do not hate on my work.

Have a great day! :smiley:


Whats your payment and how much is it on average?

If you want a really advanced scripted game like jailbreak or something, then around 80,000 - 90,000 Robux. if you want a basic game like one that can attract around 400 - 500 or 1k - 1.5k monthly active users, then I take around 20,000 - 35,000 Robux. or you can tell me your prices and then we can discuss the rest of the payment and stuff on discord

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I sent you the request on discord, accept it! I would like to talk to you! Natural Gold # 6969