[CLOSED] Low Poly Builder for our game [BAT LEGENDS]

About Us

Hello, we are RCC Studios, a small team so far, we are looking for a Low Poly Builder to design our map and be our main builder! :smiley:

The Team:
@ThatCreativeDev | Director - Manager |
@xmaanzach | Programmer - Scripter |
@DA_VIDS | Music Composer |

You can test the game right now: [BETA] 🌟Bat Legends🌟 - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for a Builder to work full time on the game, we need someone to be vigilant, we need someone fast.

Example of our game's build style


  • Experienced Low Poly Builder.
  • Have good creativity for the designs of the islands.
  • Know concepts and optimization of Hitboxes. (It is very necessary that you know how to optimize your construction)
  • Use a 3D modeling program. (Blender, Cinema4D or others)
  • Be considerate and trustworthy.

We are working to release weekly updates.


The payout will be a considerable percentage of the game winnings, this will be discussed in private

Contact Us

Contact me at Discord xmaanzach#7617, if you have any questions you can comment. :slight_smile:

If you think you meet all the requirements to work with us, write me and I will reply as soon as possible. :wink: :slight_smile:

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Do you know how many islands you’ll need making straight up?

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