[CLOSED] Low-Poly Builder Needed!

Howdy! I’m currently in the process of looking for an experienced low poly builder for my new game, Cartoon City.

About The Job
Once again, i’m currently looking for an experienced low poly builder to build assets for my game. Such assets include; Buildings, Trees, Mountains or hills, etc. The builds should be similar to that seen in Tropics Paradise, https://www.roblox.com/games/1216291973/Tropics-Paradise?refPageId=53af264e-040e-423d-9a61-b43e00e7b34b
Currently a map has been built but is of course available for change!

I am paying [NEGOTIABLE] R$/USD per asset. After completion of the game, your name will be listed in our credits section and description.

Contact Me
If you have any questions about the job, you can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: super#0250


Hi , im low poly builder contact me on discord:

Hello,Interested in building for your game,Im good at building.Discord:TerribleMystery#6603.

Hello! I’m a low poly developer. My commissions are open!

Portfolio: [FOR HIRE] Low poly builder + Detailed builder

Hin im interested [OPEN] skofall - Build/Graphics/3d modelling | Portofolio #3229

Hey, I’m really interested in this and have a lot of experience with low-poly, I’ve sent a friend request on discord (luca#9358)

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