[Closed] Lrlxxd - Cheap Logo, GFX Designer and modeler

Hello there! My name is Lrlxxd. I am offering my services as a logo, GFX designer and modeler. I have previously worked on many of it




Completed Commissions

I am available for 3-8 hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me any time, but on weekdays I work for 2-4 hours.

I only take robux (group funds/gamepasses or roblox gift cards, must cover the tax)

  • Logo - 250 robux
  • GFX (thumbnails) - 350 robux
  • GFX (icon) - 200 robux
  • Models - 300+ robux

You can contact me here:
Twitter - @lrlxxd
Discord - 3r#4284


Highly recommend! Fast service and good icons. Also, the prices are amazing. Got them to do some icons for my group, friendly as well!


UPDATE: New works added / new prices

I HIGHLY recommend Lrlxxd! He responds almost right away, and is super friendly! He has great prices and gets your logo or GFX done very quickly. I definitely will be returning to him again in the future.


AMAZING WORK!, Super friendly, quick & interactive! Really love this person, super recommended. High quality logos for a small price! Next time I need a logo I’ll make sure to go here. This person is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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I ordered a logo from Lrlxxd, I had no idea on how I wanted it, but just by telling him what was the game on he understood me perfectly. It took only 2 hours, but he sent me 2 versions of the logo, so I could choose my favorite. Cheap price for the quality and speed, also really friendly!


UPDATE: New works added / Improved old works

HIGHLY RECOMMEND He is super friendly, Super Fast and creative had a great Time with him might commision him again .he did amazing job and the best part is the does his work for cheap!

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UPDATE: Now you can hire me as a modeler

UPDATE: New models and GFXs added

Lrlxxd created lovely artwork for my friend. He is well worth your money.

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UPDATE: Now you will need to pay the tax. Sorry for that, I did it to free myself up some time to develop the game :grin:

UPDATE: Added a section “Completed Commissions”

Do I need to pay +tax for the logo?

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Yes, you will need to pay the tax. I’ve talked about this a little bit above

UPDATE: Removed old works, added new ones

I asked lrlxxd to work on some assets for my upcoming game. He really offers his services for a very cheap price. Not only that, you’ll get MORE than what you pay for. He follows his schedule strictly and will provide the assets before the agreed deadline. Overall, I had no problem working with him as he is friendly and easy to communicate with.

I highly recommend hiring him if you’re on a budget but still want high quality products! Thank you, lrlxxd!

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