[CLOSED] lusviva | Builder

:cloud: About Me

Hey and welcome to my portfolio! My name is Lily/lusviva and I go by she/her. For about five years, I have been working on multiple build projects. I started my journey in 2016. Since then, I’ve been working hard to improve my skills and provide services for people. The projects I have worked on include homestores, cafés, and more. In my commissions, I’m sometimes accompanied by my lovely friends @MatchaMiIkTea and @zireisa.

:cherry_blossom: Showcase

ANGEL! Runway

Elysian Realm - Self Project

:clock2: Availability

As a result of school, I will take about 1-3 month(s) to finish a commission. I cannot do anything before that. Sometimes, unscheduled things will pop-up which will delay the order but generally it should not be a huge problem.

:tulip: Payment


Payment is divided by the spaces.

  • Small - 15k+

  • Medium - 30k+

  • Large - 50k+

  • You must first pay half of the price before I begin the commission. This is to prevent scamming. If you’re not willing to do this, I will decline your order.

  • I will not copy the creations or ideas of others. The most I will do is take inspiration and do a similar theme if you request. However, if you believe my idea of the theme does not fit your liking (which will be discussed before you pay), I will decline the order.

  • If you rush me or request progress rapidly, I will cancel the order. It would be best to accept that I will not always deliver the product within the destined time. I also have several commissions to do, so please bear with me.

  • I will also not make exact replica of my past builds, especially if it’s not a personal project.

:email: Contact Info

Devforum • @lusviva
Twitter • @lusviva
Discord • lily#1680


is this still open? i’d like to commission you but i couldn’t add you on discord.

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Hi there! I’m very glad you have decided to commission Lily. I’m Lily’s building partner, and we built that Sanrio homestore you see up there together. Her new discord is lily.#6666. I am replying on behalf of her because she doesn’t have access to the forums currently.

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oh, thank you very much! i’m looking forward to commissioning her if they’re open :white_heart:


I put an ad out for a build and was amazed at how quickly they responded! They work efficiently to build a dance studio which both me and my dancers love! They included everything I asked and provided so many good pictures that I used as sneak peeks! As well as there response time to any of my messages! The build was definitely amazing quality and overall just such great work! Truly I never saw anything so spectacular and was better than anything I would ever envision! 11/10 stars, would definitely recommend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Love this and I sent a friend request on discord to discuss furthermore. audreyy#9338

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Lily is a joy to work with! Fair price for an AMAZING product! I was so lucky to have found such a great builder who was time and cost efficient. I will recommend to anyone looking for an experienced and highly skilled builder! <33

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I really enjoyed build I’ve received from Lily and I highly recommend her!! With the amount of effort and detail she puts in her work, it’s definitely an extremely reasonable price. She works fairly quick and would always consider my requests.

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Hello, I just sent a friend request to you on discord. I am really looking forward to working with you! My user is: Lucid#0731

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The Lovatae café was the cafe I ordered, I give her a 10/10 on the work and also a 10/10 in the customer service, highly recommend on hiring.

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I love your showcases, they are fine-detailed especially the Aquelic Apparel! Looking forward to working with you in the future to help out with my project that I’m currently still planning.

Tip: Recommend trying balancing the lightings a bit, as some of them are too bright. :flushed:

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