[CLOSED] Maenaryz - Commissions

Good morning DevForum,
I’d like to say that I am currently doing commissions! I am looking for people who need homestores, game maps, lobbies, and cafes/interview centers/training centers! The reason why is because I would like to expand my portfolio, gain experience, and of course, build. I want to be able to have experience in more categories, rather than just restaurants. I’ll also be taking requests for other types of builds too. Please note I will not be doing long-term builds.

I’d like to be payed by group funds per asset or by the hour, to avoid scams. I’ll also be doing payment by shirts, but if you have a choice please do group funds!
The prices below include the 30% fee. If you are paying by group funds, remove 30% from these, and pay me the result. All prices depend on quality, detail, and size.
GFX: 150-250
Cafe/Restaurant: 1500-3000
Homestore: 2000-3000
Lobby: 3000-4500
Interview Center/Training Center (NOT A PACKAGE): 2000-4000
Game Map: 4000+
Prices will go up a little in the future when my skill increases.

Contact me
You can reach me at mars.#8781 or @ariveua.

Check out my Portfolio [CLOSED] Maenaryz building portfolio | commissions for more information + examples of my work!

Have a great day!

Please tell me if this is the right topic, last time I posted it in #collaboration:recruitments and everyone said to write it here.

I think your in the right topic, since your post is in the #collaboration tab.


Good to know. Thank you so much for the feedback!

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Reminder- my commissions are still open (≧∀≦)

Do you have past work we can see?

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Mhm! Click on my portfolio link, or you can find it here:[CLOSED] Maenaryz building portfolio | commissions