[CLOSED] MakerFrog // Builder: Low Poly, Mid Realistic, Exterior Designer, Landscape Designer and Obby Expert

Hello there! I am “MakerFrog” and I’m offering my services as a builder in many build styles like low poly and mid realistic build. My expertise also ranges from building landscape and exterior of buildings. I’m still not that good at designing interior and small details models. One more thing, I’m still new to using blender and not that talent but that’s not stopping me from making such a great build.

Tree House

Wooden Cabin


Low Poly Medieval Village

Modern Low Poly House

Crystal Tower

Ancient Portal

Mid Realistic

Elder Scrolls House Asset

Island Obby

Tower Obby

II’m always available from 4-5 hours on most days. My time zone is UTC+8, to make it easy it is the opposite of the USA. If there are AM I’m already PM.

Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. My preferred payment methods:

  • Paypal (recommend)
  • Group funds
  • T-shirt

You can contact me here on Developer Forum, Discord (recommend), and Twitter.
I’m very active on Discord and my tag is MakerFrog#1983. You can also contact me on Twitter @MakerFrog1. If you have any questions or doubts you may ask me anytime. Thanks for reading! :smile:


Hey, I am thinking about hiring you but need to get a proper look on how much you actually want to get paid.
I recommend saying the approximate prices you got paid (or would want to get paid if you didn’t do it as commission) for the things you already made.

Also, is it just me or do your builds look like straight from Vesteria?

thas my own imagination…thanks for the tips

MakerFrog exceeds my expectations every time I commission him. He always finishes within a timely manner. I will definitely be commissioning again!

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Hi! I want to commission you, but I’d like to know the average prices first so I don’t waste your time! Thanks!

it based on size and details. If you have any reference image it would be helpful to decide the price

I was looking for something small/medium-ish

Kind of like this:

(For a homestore)
But lets take this into private messages.

I sent you a message! I am asking for a modern hotel.