[CLOSED] Mayside Resorts is hiring a scripter!

We are Hiring a Scripter

About Us

Hi there! We are the Mayside Group, we are looking for scripters to help create our latest project, Mayside Resorts.

The Team
@hdylxn - Project Manager
@8miner8 - Investor & Project Supervisor
@MJDRBLX - Modeller
@sl_eesy - Builder

About The Job

We are looking for a professional scripter to join our team as our primary scripter. We expect you to be able to complete the game to a schedule and work with the game. Good communication and teamwork skills are appreciated.

We are looking for someone who can complete the following:

  • Cash system that saves
  • NPC Shops to allow you to purchase items such as pool floaties etc.
  • Script tools
  • Script UIs
  • Daily reward system
  • Chat/overhead tag system
  • EXTRA: Discord-Roblox bot which can promote, demote, fire, add points, take points and check points for staff (checkmein)
  • & more


Please contact me on Discord if you are interested, we do not have a fixed payment however we are open to discuss your rates!

Contact Me
You can contact me on Discord @ ImDylan#0001

Have a great day!

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