[Closed] MetaProx - Programmer and 3D Artist

About Me

Hey! I am a Canadian developer who’s been working on the Platform since 2008!

I have contributed to a number of projects and I am currently working with HeadlessHorror on an upcoming game that we have not yet released.

Currently working part time on the following projects:



When it comes to scripting, I find my main philosophy is simple and optimized. I try my best to avoid overly complex math or non-intensive solutions if possible.

3D Art

Most of my textures are done via light baking, meaning I take a PBR texture and light bake them. This produces some pretty nice results with far less effort needed and allowed me to use PBR Software to produce flat textures I could use on Roblox.


If you want to see more of my work please check out my Twitter!

Get in touch

I am not currently looking for any work.

If you’re looking to otherwise just get in contact with me you can reach me via Discord at MetaProx#0001

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