{CLOSED} MFY | MYO Frozen Yogurt!

About us: MFY

Hello, My name is Kitty! Also Known has Kittys_Dev owner of the MFY | MYO Frozen Yogurt. We are looking for developers to join our team, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

About The Job:

We are looking for Animators, Builders, UI Designers, Scripters, Mesh makers, and Terrain editors! Has we have started working on V3 of MYO Frozen Yogurt. Some thing’s we need help with is scripting and animating! We are in need of a couple developers that are ready to help and show enthusiasm in their job.

Payment is in group funds, 10-15% of group funds, depending on the quality and quantity of work. For example, if you produce close to nothing for our group you will not be paid a steady 15%.

If you wish to join our team. join our communications server Message me on Forums or Message me On roblox My profile link: https://www.roblox.com/users/83393169/profile


Hello there, I would love to help out! You can checkout my portfolio here: My Building Portfolio (XF_Dev)

Sorry if my building does not look up-to-standards for you

I would love to be a builder/3D Modeler! I can make fruits and toppings too! Go to my portfolio! PawsomeDev|3D Modeler|ACCEPTING COMISSIONS

Add me on Discord. :sparkling_heart: Kitty :sparkling_heart:#0001

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Add me on discord I sent you a friend request.

I am a builder I want to be part of your group

If you have discord Add me :sparkling_heart: Kitty :sparkling_heart:#0001 .

me discord is Nicolás DEV#4794

Hi, I am interested in jooning the team as builder. Add me on discord please becaise I cant add you Mato#7079

Hey, I’m interested in joining as a Scripter. Discord: Invoke_Client#0100

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