[CLOSED] Military Vehicle 3D Model Commission (Mid poly, No Interior 15-25K PER Prop Vehicle)

Hello! I’m looking for a talented 3D modeler to create vehicle props for Frontlines!

What game am I helping?

What’s needed?

  • Tanks (2 variants)
  • Anti-Aircraft Tanks (2 variants)
  • Humvee (3 variants)
  • Civilian Truck (3 variants)
  • Civilian Vehicles (3 variants)
  • Bus (3 variants)
    What brand of vehicle is dependent on the creative freedom of you (I could also create a list of specific vehicles if you don’t want to choose

How should it be made?

  • Mid poly (15-25K triangles; the lower the better)
  • Textured
  • No interior (except for bus which will have a very simple interior with stripped down everything). Most of the vehicles will just have an opaque window.

Sample pictures:

What’s the payment?

  • 15 - 25K robux PER vehicle prop. Negotiable.
  • Will use group funds.

Where to contact?
Discord: cbmaximillian#0030
Reply below / DM me here


Does it need to be built on blender or Roblox?


Any 3D modeling software. Not Roblox.

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Ok. Thanks for the clarification…:slight_smile:


Is upfront USD per model an option for payment? I’ll be interested with that.


I’m unable to do upfront USD at the moment. I haven’t cashed out.


I sent you a friend request on discord BK#1768

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Sir, I have been watching this post for a while, I can really replicate this Style, But the problem is how Smooth you want it/how Good textured. Roblox affords 10k Polys per Mesh, And you want them to be smooth, Wich needs Subdivision Surfaces, And etc. PLUS Texturing is another job, Wich its harder, Because it takes Time to make a single Realistic thing in Blender Texturing tab, In Resume this is Kind of Complicated for a game on Roblox, Other than that, The prices and the deals are fantastic!

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I really reccomend @GGenderYT. Good modeler!

i sent you a friend request on discord pls answer me there i sent the request yester day

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