[CLOSED] Modeler for hire! Low-Poly Commissions!

Modeling is currently closed due to backed up schedule.

About Me

I’m Vic, and I do low-poly 3D modeling. I mostly do medieval buildings with lots of detail, but I can do modern builds as well. I can also make furniture items, foods, or animals for your cafe or game! I am a fast worker, and I get my builds done in around 5-10 hours depending on how big the building is. I can make buildings using Roblox Studio and Blender.


Here are some examples of my work!

^Medieval Fruit Stand^

^Medieval House Concept^

^Medieval Wizard Tower^

^Commission Example – Teleporter Spawn^

^Bowl of Fruit^

^Commission Example – Barracks Lvl 2^

^Store Concept created entirely in Roblox Studio^

DISCLAIMER – I do not texture my models unless each part is one color


I am avaialable 10AM - 12AM MT on the weekdays. I do not work on the weekends.

Payment (All prices are USD, and can be transfered into RBX.)


Furniture/Small Models: $3-$7 per model(varies on size and complexity of model)
Buildings(Exterior Only//Can’t walk inside): $20-$50 per building(varies on size and detail of model)
Cafe/Group Building(Furniture, Machines, Exterior included): $150-$200(Varies on size)
Food: $2-$5 per model
Weapons: $15-$30(depends on complexity)
Other(Specify in DMs and we can negotiate a price)

All prices are negotiable.

I accept PayPal payment or robux payment.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord: AVO#0533

I will most likely respond if you sent a message between available times. Will also respond on the weekends, but won’t do commissions till the weekday.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


To clarify, are the prices in USD dollars or robux?

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