[Closed] Modeller for Shopping Simulator

About Us

We are a dev team that is working on a game called shopping simulator and we need a new modeler for the game. We have recently published the game to Roblox and it’s starting to earn money. We are in need of a modeler who can help us with the next update

Our Team


The Requirements for this role is listed down below

  • Be over 13
  • 1-2 years experience
  • Have Discord
  • A nice person


We are prepared to give you 15% of the revenue from when you start.

:warning: NOTICE! Because Roblox’s new payment system from groups has been updated you will not receive a percentage until the update with your models is released or 2 weeks have passed. You will be getting funds if the update is released before 2 weeks have passed

Contact me on Discord: TheBeast666#0001

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