[CLOSED] Modeller/Builder

Here you can see some of my previous work for both personal and commercial projects. All work here is mine and was created by me from scratch unless stated otherwise. I am currently building my portfolio and so I am not necessarily accepting professional work as of yet.


Projects relating to the full production of buildings and maps including the buildings themselves and smaller models added for detail.

Personal Projects

Asian Style Building

Asian Style Market Stall

New York Style Building

Low Poly Well


Projects relating more closely to the models and props used in builds or as tools.

Personal Projects

Simple Knife

I am available from 10:00am until 11:00pm (BST), on Saturday and Sunday, and whenever I can fit work in Monday to Friday, however, this can vary and some days I may be unavailable.

Currently undecided, however, if I am unhappy with your offer I will turn you down.

I am very open to signing any sort of contract or non-disclosure agreement should you wish me to.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum,
via Discord at Dr_D3stiny#3023,
via Twitter @Dr_D3stiny,
or via email at contact@drd3stiny.dev.