[CLOSED] Modern Builder

About Me

Hello, I’m EternalMyst, a builder who focuses on modern builds. I’ve been building in Studio for almost a year now. Currently, all of my building is done in studio, but I may learn to use blender for furniture in the future.

My Builds

You can view my personal map here: Myst's Island - Roblox
(Beautiful Roads plugin for roads and ThatDevEthan’s Nature Pack for vegetation. All other buildings, curbs, etc. are made by me)

(C ) = Commissioned Builds

Small Restaurant


Gas Station



(C) Interiors Only


I am able to work 4 hours a day.


Prices are negotiable and paid by Robux. I’d probably price a small build at 2k and small assets like a street lamp at around 150, but again negotiable. Payment with t-shirt should include the 30% tax.


The fastest way to contact me would be through Discord at Myst#5416, or here through the Forum if needed.

Have a great day! :grinning:

Amazing Builds! Nice Job Man ^^

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