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About Me

25 years old, live in the UK and work full time. Currently working from home due to COVID-19, so I have a lot more free time. Mostly interested in scripting, but can also create UI’s and code them. I also enjoy 3D modelling and drawing, but I’m not good yet.


My showcase is currently quite small. As I work on more projects I will expand on this section. Feel free to download my place files and inspect them yourself.

Custom Keybinds

Using a finite state machine programming pattern I have created a movement and interaction system where all keybinds are customisable. This includes Movement, UI and Tools.

Download file

Rebind Keys Portfolio.rbxl (72.0 KB)

Adjacency List Pathfinding

WIP - I’ve converted a chain of markers into an adjacency list to that can be traversed recursively. Nodes and Adjacencies can be added and removed dynamically and enemies’ paths will update to reflect this. Supports multiple start and end points as well as splits in the path.

Download file

Graph Path Portfolio.rbxl (86.3 KB)

2D Inverse Kinematic Tentacles

My first look into Inverse Kinematics. I’m quite happy with how it turned out, but I think I’ll expand on it more. Created entirely in roblox-ts (and studio).

View code

kinematics.rbxl (53.7 KB)


I helped bugfix Contagion to get the game ready for its Pre-Alpha launch. I worked on a lot of different areas of the game, including, but not limited to, guns, ragdolls, spectating and UI. After this they hired me again to re-script their UI from new assets. Here’s one that I’m most proud of: the voting UI.

In-Game Avatar Editor

Based on 0_1195’s open source In-Game Avatar Editor, but heavily edited. I added additional features, such as the revert to default appearance button and randomiser, and made performance improvements to the scrolling frame so that only visible frames are rendered (± a few rows). I also made some stability fixes, such as preventing players dying when swapping body parts due to lag.

Current Project

I’m currently working on a Bloxorz inspired game in roblox-ts using Roact and Rodux for the UI.


I can work for a few hours per day on weekdays, with more on the weekends.


Best place to contact me is on discord: Murmanox#7218
You can also reach me here, on steam, and on reddit (Murmanox everywhere).


Nice to see. Good work! (30 char)

Awesome work!, I have a team trying to make the most realistic mining simulator on roblox and we would love to have you around!
The Post Describing The Task;

I have 323 Robux in my acc. atm and you can have it as a partial payment, I would also like to offer you a percentage of the game’s income I am willing to go up to 35% as there are other devs and are only on 5%
The team’s Discord; Discord

Interested? [HIRING] Hevix Studios - Scripter

Strongly recommend hiring - dedicated, hard-working, knowledgeable, and flexible. He’s very easy to work with, generally friendly, communicates any needs/problems, does his research.


Amazing scripter with lots of dedication, effort, and knowledge. Very friendly and easy to work with as well.


Very efficient, really helped us release the pre-alpha version of our game! Did everything I asked of him for a solid price as well. I highly recommend commissioning Murmanox!