[CLOSED] My first two GFX I ever made (for a game)

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Hi! Recently I was starting to get used to blender (for GFX). These are my very first two GFX I ever made so please don’t expect it to look professional.

Apps Used
  • Blender
  • Google Drawings (for word art)
First GFX

Second GFX (sorry about the poor lighting)

(Watermark added to prevent people from stealing.)

Feel free to comment on them.

Which one looks better?
  • The First One
  • The Second One
  • Mainly Both

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So improve them! If you want others to like it.


Hey, for your first gfx, good work! I don’t think they “suck”, but they need some improvements. That will only come with time - keep at it, and good luck :+1:

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The first one is better then the 2nd in my opinion i would get rid of the speech bubble i dont think it really fits.

Did you use cycles or eevee to render?

If you use cycles it would have alot more realistic lighting.

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your first gfx, your character doesn’t hang on the parts properly. quite illogiacl
second gfx, why is the sky upside down

This Reminds me of my first renders. There are alot of little things you can do that will improve it alot. Try adding things like bloom and ambient occlusion in the settings. Also you can set all shadows to max quality since you’re only rendering a single image not an animation. also you should try increasing the lights strength as that will make it look much better overall.

Heres an example of the Lights

Left the lights at default

Turned up strength and added weaker lights around to simulate bounce lighting

You don’t want your scene to look dimly lit.
That’s all that ican say off the top of my head.


ima break it to you these are pretty bad… we can improve, however, the background is grey like wth add lighting please in the second one just remove the blue text you added a sky background thats good in the second one what is that character chasing him maybe get a closer angle my opinion make the improvements I really want to see it reach its potential

PLEASE and I mean PLEASE dont use google drawlings! use something like photopea its free and online

Don’t let these comments discourage you- with effort, you can create something really really great! Here’s a tutorial about lighting, since it looked like you struggled with it a bit:


The gfx’s aren’t that good. To improve try adding better lighting with blender lighting or hdri lighting. The posing for the gfx’s are okay, try using a different rig so the poses blend better. Although the gfx’s aren’t that good, you should keep practicing to get better!

  • Lighting tutorials / Lighting options

This video is very helpful for learning how to use 3-point lighting, it’s good for first person shots where you are directly looking at a character.

3-Point lighting tutorial

If you are making a thumbnail gfx try using this tutorial to help with the lighting!

Thumbnail lighting tutorial

For doing lighting with a gfx that has different colors where lights are supposed to be I recommend watching this.

Multi-Color lighting tutorial

A starting artists still need criticism and I did gave him constructive.

well those words were kinda rude, maybe you could have toned them down a bit


Not too shabby for your first, but they could use some lighting, scenery, and text improvements. Also, don’t let all of the unsupportive comments put you down. Instead, focus on the constructive criticism and use that to push forward. Keep it up man, look forward to seeing those improvements. :wink: