[CLOSED] My GFX Portfolio

About Me

Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Norman, I am a GFX designer and builder. I try to provide the best product to anyone who orders my services for low prices! I encourage you to check out prices and some past examples.

GFX Needs

I provide a variety of GFX types! They are all listed below…

  • Thumbnails
  • Profile Pictures
  • Group Icons
  • Game Icons
  • Discord Server Icons
  • Transparent Renders
    If you have any questions about that feel free to ask!
Past Examples

Game Thumbnail

Profile Picture

Custom Order

Custom Order

YouTube Banner

Profile Picture

Profile Picture


I am currently accepting robux for all GFXs. However, USD payment is coming soon. Prices are listed below…

  • Thumbnails - 500Robux Icon
  • Profile Pictures - 150Robux Icon
  • Group Icons - 300Robux Icon
  • Game Icons - 200Robux Icon
  • Discord Server Icons - 175Robux Icon
  • Transparent Renders - 100Robux Icon
  • Gamepass Icons - 200Robux Icon
  • Custom Orders - DM me for pricing.Robux Icon
    (Prices are always negotiable.)


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions/inquiries or want order, DM me on Discord at norman#5956!

Look forward to working with you. :smile:


Commissions are re-opened! Make sure to send me a friend request on Discord at Norman#5956 to order! :smile:

Your discord doesn’t seem to work. Try mine T.o.p#2416