[CLOSED] Nanie_l (3D Animation/Rigging)

Hey there, hope you’re still available! Looking to commission a fairly simple job, my discord tag is Kord :cowboy_hat_face:#2035

Some absolutely fantastic animations. Highly skilled animator and quick service, would recommend any day!

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Hello Nanie_l!

BloxByte are interested in hiring your services, if you’re free or would like to know me, please DM me on discord @ Royal#5671


am interested
added you The Ging Koon#5316

truly one of the few very talented animators roblox has! great work <3


Impressive, Sent a friend request.

Sent you a request on Discord.

Do you make animations in blender? and if Yes would you bee able to explain how I can import a .FBX animation into Roblox. Thank you

Do these animations come scripted?

nope i just import them into roblox and its up to you to script them

i do Blender rig exporter/animation importer i recommend reading this

I’m interested in hiring you if your commissions are currently open. We can discuss more on discord - Barl55#3179

I added you on discord, I just need you to accept. BK#1768

I’m interested in a few animations, I sent a friend request to your Discord.

Highly interested! Added on discord. humble#4200

Hello! I’ve added you on Discord (PlantChampion#2014)

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sent a request on discord :slight_smile:

Hellow ! thinking of opening any time soon ? i really enjoyed what i just saw !

Hopefully youll be open back at some point ;p

Hi! I have added you for some animations that I need