[CLOSED] Need a Lobby Built for Book of Monsters

I’m looking for someone to build a new lobby for Book of Monsters for 50k-100k Robux

If you’ve never played the game before, play it, jump off the lobby to turn into a meteor, then come back here

About The Job

Book of Monsters needs a new lobby, and I need a creative person with the right amount of imagination to build it.
The lobby is positioned over the gameplay, so that players can jump down and turn into a meteor, like in the clip shown above.
Some ideas I have that could work are a floating island, a flying turtle, a bird, an airship, a helicarrier, or a ufo, but you’re free to run your own ideas by me!
I want whoever takes this job to have fun with it. If you have a funny idea, go ahead and add it (as long as it’s appropriate)!
You will be required to post frequent build updates in the Book of Monsters Discord server to get feedback (and ideas) from the community, since it is essentially for them.
Also, please, no unions!! Meshes are fine

I’m looking for a style similar to how the game already looks… blocky, low-poly, cartoony.

Additional Examples

I saw this in a random thread and thought it looked really nice… a nice blocky, low-poly environment

Deathrun Deathrun 🏃‍♀️🎉 - Roblox
Not the style I’m looking for, but it would be nice to have something with terrain with varying height, so players can jump, roll, and dive around


You will be paid between 50k-100k Robux out of group funds. If I’m super impressed, I’ll give you more

Yea, I’m interested

ok cool, contact me via private message here on DevForum, or on Discord @barcode#2430
Send me examples of your previous building work



I might consider trying it out!

I sent you a friend request on discord!

Edit: discord doesn’t work so I’ll PM

Edit2: apparently I was typing in the discord username wrong, I sent you a PM on there as well!

Sent you a message on Discord

Can’t view the image due to the image displaying a ad when I click it then this happening

Edit: Adblock just blocks the whole video too rip
Edit2: Fixed, if anyone else is having the same problem right click the video and press download

Ok, I’ve received a lot of applications, and I’m gonna make my decision shortly


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