[CLOSED] Need a template designer for clothing

  • About the commission
    Hi there! Our group is called Arow gate Clothing, a small upcoming clothing group. We’re looking for a clothing template designer who is willing to make a couple of templates for some clothes.
    Group: Arow gate Clothing - Roblox

  • The Team
    @TheSpiffyOne - Owner/Founder & CEO

You can see our progress so far here: Trello

  • About The Job
    The group is looking for a professional template designer to make 3 templates:
  • A Hoodie one
  • A Sweater one
  • And a Shirt one

I expect high quality templates that are original, not plagerized and I expect you to be fully transparent about what program you use, if you took inspiration from someone else or if you stole from someone. (More info will be provided to you). Good English skills are appreciated.

  • Payment
    I am willing to pay between 50 - 120 Robux per asset (negotiable).

  • Contact Me
    You can contact me here on the Developer Forum through messages, through Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Arow_gate or through Discord: TheSpiffyOne#4066 You will need to provide a portfolio of your clothing/template design work when contacting.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Is this for an actual template (the thing that surrounds the actual clothing designer) or for shading. If for shading, I recommend you update your post.

This is not for shading, this is for an actual template where there is designing required in order to make it look like a hoodie, shirt, sweater.

Okay. In that case I may be able to do this. Please contact me on the DevForum.

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