[CLOSED] Need Blender animator or someone who can animate my custom rig

I am re-opening this post because the person I was gonna hire just ghosted me rather than say he couldn’t do the work…

I have a custom rig built in Blender (I didn’t build it) that has detailed bones down to fingers and toes.

I need someone to create me custom animations for this rig either by doing it in Blender and importing into Studio, or taking the Animation Editor in Studio and animating it.

I have about 10 different animations I need from simple idle animation to more complex things.
I also have three other rigs sort of like this one which need animation (fewer animations than the one above).

I can provide you with a doc explaining which animations I need for which rigs.

If you can do this, I will pay you. Simple as that.
I prefer paying PayPal but if you only accept Robux that’s fine too.
Please DM me on here or Discord (@DreadPir8Rob#7010)


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