[CLOSED] - Need GFX designer for updating game logo, ads

About The Job

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I am really interested in apply for this, I have sent you a message via DevForum.

Hey i am interested to apply for the job ! Here is my portfolio : ArdominB | GFX Artist For HIRE! [Open]
I suggest contacting me on discord : Ay-Men#7917

Thanks for responding, while I do like your work i was trying to keep the cost of what I am looking for closer to $50 total, if that’s something you would still be interested in let me know.

Yes i am interested , You have discord ? if so please contact me on it as i dont use twitter alot i didnt know how to message you , still didnt figure how lol

Hello! I am interested. I can contact you on Discord. I can also do Twitter too if that’s alright.

Hey, i’m interested! It says I can’t message you on twitter, but here’s my discord. qt.emm !#4961

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