[CLOSED] need long term animator for a Super Smash Bros. esq game

Just a small group of devs working a game with essentially the gameplay of Super Smash Bros call Monday Night Throwdown. We’ve done a minor chunk of the work so far, but we definitely don’t plan on stopping until its done. The main roadblock of the game right now is not having an animator. once someone takes up the spot we should be able to push through the rest of the characters quite easily.

GAME LINK: Monday Night Throwdown (IN-DEV: Version .2) - Roblox

The Team
@sgt_Puncake (https://twitter.com/Sgt_Puncake ) - Director, Main Builder, minor graphic designer

Small examples of work for the game


@fipsii123 (https://twitter.com/fipsii123 ) - Co-owner, Main scripter

Small examples of work done for the game


@sipher64 (https://twitter.com/TektowBD) - Music maker, audio engineer, modeler
Not gonna show the audio so people don’t steal it lol

The Job
I need an animator who preferably uses blender to animate since it looks smoother. They will have to animate combat move sets for about 7 characters. these move sets will have approximately 20 animations (however this number can easily change if the character has a special gimmick or multiple animations for 1 move or something). I don’t like to set deadlines, we’re very chill with workflow and we know people have other stuff to attend to besides us. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean you get a free pass. if we need something done soon, we’ll probably start pushing you to do it. I’ll give you about like a week and a half before i start nagging you about it. One last thing, giving the team updates on your work or if you can’t work today would be VERY helpful and help us know whether we should be concerned or not.

THIS IS A LONG TERM JOB, meaning that we would highly prefer it if you would see to the end of the game, and maybe even past that. if the game does well, more characters will be added and if new characters I’ll give you a call

The Pay
I’m not entirely sure how much animations cost nowadays, but I can be pretty flexible with pricing. For starters, I’ll give about 30 USD or 15k Robux for 1 fully animated character moveset (so about like 1.5 USD or 600 robux per animation). Once we agree on a price, it can be change but you’ll need to make a good case for it.
ALSO IF YOU NEED TO QUIT EARLY, I AM ENTITLED TO ASK FOR A REFUND. Style breaks are really bad in a game like this, so if I have to get someone new for the job please comply with these terms.

I’m mainly active on discord all day, everyday. if you want to apply for the job, friend me and reply with something like “Hey, I wanted to apply to be a animator for your game!”. There will be a job interview where we ask about your schedule and work, so be prepared to bring portfolios. You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Discord: Sgt Puncake#6348

Hope to hear from you soon!


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