[CLOSED] Needed: Map Builder (~R$350,000 per map, negotiable)

We are a small Roblox development team working on an MMORPG.
Our team is looking for a competent builder to help build several low brick-count, large maps.
Rough outlines of any maps will be shared with you as map layouts. The level of detail expected in the maps is not high.

Essential Requirements

  • Geared toward building for performance (i.e. optimization)
    • Use of any meshes, unions, and terrain is heavily discouraged! Excessive use will not be acceptable.
    • “Blocky” styles are greatly suggested.
  • Ability to coordinate with the team at least 3 days out of the week
  • Responsibility to submit copies of your work around expected deadlines (informing us when this is not possible)
  • A year prior experience

If you are interested, please respond with your Discord handle or other reasonable means of contact.
Please be ready to show us examples of your work.

The team organizer will be happy to further discuss the terms of this position and work out a better deal for you.


I’d be interested in hearing more about the project. I was one of the builders for the 2018 egg hunt, I’ve built for many large game developers like Vurse, PixelatedCandy, Prisman, Repotted,GodzGalaxy and many others. I’ll send you links to my builds on discord if you’re interested.

My discord is:


Yo, I’m also interested.

Discord: Trus#8425
I’ll submit past places and experience on Discord once I’ve garnered rapport with ya.

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I’m interested. I’ve had experience with the blocky style you’re after.

Discord: Fomer#3002

Hello! If you are still looking for some builders, I am able to help:


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