[CLOSED] Nerata_RBLX I Building Portfolio

I am currently a 17 year old sixth form student in the UK studying Statistics, Computing and Music Technology. I have been on Roblox coming up 10 years and have been building for the past year and a half. I specialise in Ro-Nation style games and am offering my services as a builder. I will only take by asset commissions so I can ensure I can finish buildings. In addition, I am only currently taking 2 commissions at a time to ensure quality and time efficiency.

Commission Information:
  • I heavily specialise in Ro-Nation and Role Playing games, so do not be offended if I do not take your commission.
  • I do not build interiors.
  • I do not do long term contracts, I build per asset.
  • I have the right to decline any jobs presented to me.

Portfolio Work
  • Modern Condo:

  • Government Office Building:

  • Cinema:

  • Supermarket:

  • Small Depot:

  • Car Dealership:

Interior not made by me.

  • Bank:

Payment Information:
  • I am currently only accepting PayPal and possibly cashapp.
  • I have no plans to accept Robux.

Contact Information:

Roblox Profile → Nerata9 - Roblox
Discord Info → 2016 Bi-Turbo Vauxhall Vivaro#6486

Thanks for taking the time to read through my Portfolio!