[Closed] Neverland Studio’s is Hiring!

Hello Fellow Devs,

I work as the Modeler and builder for neverland studios. We’re making an RPG with custom char rig. We’re looking For Animators, Riggers, a Co builder to help with the gigantic map, which is a city similar to Tokyo. The game is high poly. Most of the city won’t actually be enterable basically only certain places that we will have to work on the inside. The game is Called Project Arise the name was based on a comic that we liked. The game itself is based on a comic called Solo Leveling in which the main char says Arise all the time. The game is estimated at 20% but this because we don’t have a rigger for us to start nor a non lazy animator, the ui, weapons,clothing, and the character to be rigged have been done. Pay will be percentage-based for everyone but the rigger as it’s usually a one time job; we’re looking for experienced devs only. The rigger will only have to rig the char, therefore, a one time job.
Animator: 15%
Rigger: 1k robux
Co Builder:20%

You can contact me here or dm me on discord
My discord is: AstroTales#3394


I have questions for you!

  1. What’s the building style for the game? High, medium or low poly?
  2. What’s theme and some reference images for the game? I’m pretty sure most of us don’t know about
    the comic series.
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For what information you currently state, it’s too little. And also, for a gigantic map, how big is gigantic in a stud perspective? 600x600, 1000x1000 (e.t.c.)

Expecting to gather builders to build a gigantic map without any front payment really detracts the attention of a builder, especially since you’re looking for a experienced builder.

As @TheMurdererKO also mentioned, we have little to no information on what the theme of the game you’re trying to create is based on, and if you’re looking for low poly to high poly builds for a gigantic map, builders would expect much more pay depending on the poly/part count for the game.

  • How much custom characters are Riggers actually rigging?
  • Is the game low poly, medium or high poly?
  • Is there any progress already done?
  • What is the game based on?
  • What is the theme of the game?
  • How big is the approximately?

I’m struggling to understand this particular question, what comic is it based off?

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I fixed it thank you for your structuring help.

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I’d probably switch animator pay to commissions, percentage based pay doesn’t really fit with the type of work we do. I’d also combine the animator and rigger roles into one (perhaps add a requirement that applicants must be able to rig custom models?) as most animators already know how to do so, and it would save you time.

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whats the rig you want to use for animations? R15? R6? or a custom one?

I am guessing custom rig because there is a rigging position…

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It would be nice if you used the template for Public Recruitment posts.

Here is the template so you can fix your post.

Hey! The building style is High-Poly and here’s a reference. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/series/solo-leveling/

Keep in mind I don’t work for this, it’s just a helpful reply. If you need anymore info DM or reply to MeshWorl.

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