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This is using HTTP scripting and the payment should be way above 50 robux…

Isnt a trello board free lol :smiley:

Yes, but scripting to read cards and lists in Roblox is somewhat advanced scripting (I’m assuming that’s what he wants).

I am pretty sure there are already dozens of Open-Source application game + trello linked applications you can find. No real need to pay anyone.

Actually, they send to Trello, not read from Trello. Also, most of them don’t work lol.

Ah, I misread, you are right, that sounds more complex. (Not a scripter so idrk)

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It’s ok lol, many people had the same misconception.

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Too few Robux for such thing. But theres a hint.
I am able to do that, but I request a higher payment.

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