[CLOSED] NickReddington

Hello there! Before saying anything I want to give you my thanks for taking interest in my portfolio.

I’m Nick, and I’m a 15 year old lua programmer. I got into develpment around 2 years ago, and now I’m doing commissions for any studio or individual willing to hire me. I have been in many different jobs, ranging from making guns to making obbies or racing games. I learned many valuable lessons and skills from them, and I’m willing to offer them to you.


Simple Door:

Capture Point System:

Working currency, with animations and datastore implemented:

Custom Character:
Loading Screen:
Round System:

As of payment, I can be paid with robux or PayPal, both of them work. Prices are usually negotiable depending on what you need me to work on. I accept both long term and short term jobs.

Feel free to contact me on discord:
Discord: nick!#1945 (Send me a fr!)

I usually prefer to work with a team, apes together strong!

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Is there a place I can test your Capture Point System?